About Us

Hey Queen!

We are Royal'tique! An online boutique for Queens - because you were created to RULE in style! We are based in Dallas, Texas and launched August of 2017. We are all about encouraging you to be the true Queen that you were created to be, even if you do not see it in yourself, we do!

Queen Esther had to pamper and prepare herself a full 12 months before presenting herself to the King. So we are here to make every woman, that means YOU, feel and look her best as she dominates the day to day activities in her life! Notice I said dominate, because we possess the power to overcome any and all challenges and obstacles that comes our way, with the abundant assistance of our God given Grace! We do it with pride, confidence, and a raised head, never allowing our crown to slip - after all, it is our best accessory!  And then of course there are those days where life is going exactly our way! Hair is laying right, smile is bigger than usual, and you could have sworn that one guy winked at you (or he had something in his eye) whatever, no time for technicalities, right? Haha Well, whatever the day, Royal'tique is here to help you SLAY!

Stay Royal,